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Cleft is a charity which aims to research the unanswered problems in improving care for children born with cleft lip and palate.

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Current Projects

A genetic study ascertaining if the TBX22 transcription factors plays an important role in submucous cleft palate
A PHD study of the muscles of the soft palate
An evaluation of the outcomes of over 200 operations on palates which did not have classical clefts or submucous clefts


We aim to push the boundaries of conventional treatment by funding research into improving operating techniques and by looking at the underlying reasons for cleft deformities. 

Current Projects

Creating a dedicated Cleft Centre in Dhaka, Bangladesh
The purchase of magnifying loupes, headlights and a microscope cable for Colombo, Sri Lanka
Distribution of DVDs overseas demonstrating surgical techniques in the management of patients with cleft lip and palate


Our Major Overseas Focus: Creating a dedicated Cleft Centre in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Our next major project…

Magnetic Resonance Imagining (MRI) is a powerful diagnostic tool, routinely used in hospitals – but not yet on cleft patients. The aim of this project is to use MRI to improve our understanding of the palate anatomy and to improve diagnostic tools and techniques. The results will aid surgeons in cleft repairs and enable more accurate diagnosis of errors in speech.

£120,000 to raise…

We really need your support to fund this next project… your support changes lives!

CLEFT is working with surgeons at the National Institute of Burns and Plastic Surgery (associated with Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh) to establish a multidisciplinary, comprehensive cleft and craniofacial centre. We have been greatly encouraged by the support offered by The Emirates Airlines Foundation, who have generously agreed to fund 10 return air fares for medical personnel over the next year.

We believe that this centre can act as a model for a revolution in cleft care in Bangladesh. Truly comprehensive cleft care involves a great deal more than one or two operations in infancy. Patients in the UK are cared for by all the specialists in the cleft team, from birth to adulthood. We want to ensure that, in the future, babies born with a cleft in Bangladesh have the same opportunities as those in the UK.

£217,000 to raise…

This amount will support CLEFT's 3 year strategic plan for Bangladesh.


Many of the cleft patients CLEFT has helped have kindly agreed to have their stories told on our website.

Thanks to them we can share their experiences with you. It is very satisfying for the medical teams and parents to see how far they have come since their initial diagnosis with a cleft.

Success Stories

Kirstie's story…

Before Kirstie's treatment After Kirstie's treatment

Kirstie had a unilateral cleft of her lip and palate. Her lip was repaired at the age of 3 months and her palate at 6 months.

Her Story

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The Uganda Marathon

CLEFT has won a place for a supporter to spend a week in Uganda and to run the Uganda marathon on 5th June 2016. We are very excited to have selected Kaye Knowles to take on this unique challenge for CLEFT. Please show your support via her Justgiving page by clicking 'SUPPORT US' below.

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Swim Serpentine 2016

Swim Serpentine is a new two-day open water swimming festival that will be staged in the heart of London over the weekend of 24-25 September 2016. We are looking for volunteers to take part in this event and raise funds for CLEFT.

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